Commissioner from The Buurtpolitie in the cell

0a266ce5d2050b843c80407b53e8dd4e - Commissioner from The Buurtpolitie in the cell

Penalty news: Roger Berckmans, when the general public are better known as the commissioner of The Buurtpolitie, was by the police of Rome arrested and in a cell locked up. It would be a nice story for the VTM series, but unfortunately, there are no tv pictures available. And yet there is also good news because it’s going to be part of the story from the new comic “The Gangsterparadijs” that this month.

The Buurtpolitie go on team building for Rome. At the airport a man around who is as two drops of water on the commissioner seems to be. He is acting there is dreadful business with a criminal network. Shortly thereafter the commissioner by the Italian police nabbed.

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