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Clubs in a legal battle after the disappearance of footballer Sala: Nantes is demanding 17 million euros of Cardiff

The French football club Nantes wants Cardiff City to make money fast for Emiliano Sala. It comes to a sum of 15 million pounds, reports the BBC. That has been converted to more than 17 million euros. If the money within ten days, not within, the undertaking of the leadership of the French club with legal action.

The Argentine attacker made last month, the transition from Nantes to Cardiff. The club from Wales, and paid not right away, and wanted to wait until all the documents are in order. Before that point was, disappeared Sala. He stepped on the 21st of January in a small plane on his way to his new club. The aircraft disappeared from radar and was Sunday at the bottom of The Channel is found. A day later, the research team announced that in the wreckage of the plane was also a body has been found. It is not yet clear whether the body is of Sala, or of the other occupant, pilot David Ibbotson.

Cardiff stated that the “obligations will come”. “But not before all the facts have been clarified. We are surprised that Nantes with this requirement, while still trying to be the body, to mountains.”

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