Cat Kerkhofs can laconic FOUR-response to acid Facebookreactie or flavors

Made television programmes Cat Kerkhofs very similar set up with a touch response of channel FOUR in an angry Facebookreactie. She shared a screenshot of the striking interaction on her Instagrampagina.

Yesterday it became known that under more Cat Kerkhofs (30) will be shown in the new season of ‘Control ‘ Pedro’. Not everyone was equally happy with it. So responded one by the announcement on the FOUR-Facebook page is very negative: “Ah no hey, there, Cat see… Now I look no more! Da man must be my tv”.

The social media team of FOUR responded nicely captured: “We are still considering how they are still in the ‘Hotel Römantiek’ and ‘The Day’…”, she said.

The witty comment attracted more than 150 likes, and also knew the attention of Kerkhofs self to draw. The wife of Dries Mertens saw the humour there also, and shared the ‘conversation’ on Instagram, with a broad smile.

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