C-3PO says ‘Star Wars’ final goodbye

4e39ea3bb1448b852b10d12bba1b2806 - C-3PO says 'Star Wars' final goodbye

The British actor Anthony Daniels, who in every “Star Wars”film, the role of robot C-3PO played, it quits. Daniels, who this month 73, announced on Twitter that his days with the franchise are numbered.

Daniels as C-3PO, if only in every “Star Wars”movie. But there has now come to an end, since “Episode IX” is his latest accomplishment. “I am proud that I have such an amazing, talented cast should work,” he writes. “I will make everyone miss, but I’m glad that we are together something out of the ordinary that have made we the world can share.” His message makes fans worry, because there are probably a lot more “Star Wars”movies, especially now that Disney franchise has taken over. That means that the character of the next print may not survive.

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