Buzz Lightyear in trouble in new ‘Toy Story 4’-trailer

816cbf1f9ea4aa447cb778a8aa0b5066 - Buzz Lightyear in trouble in new 'Toy Story 4'-trailer

After a long radio silence has Pixar, a new trailer released for ‘Toy story 4’. The production company had previously been some teasers released in which new characters were introduced. In the new trailer we see Buzz Lightyear in the problems with two of those newbies.

In addition to the well-known characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear, we will in the follow-up movie to meet some new characters like Forky, Duck and Bunny. Buzz hangs in the new trailer as one of the top prizes in a fairground booth, and will, therefore, no good friends be with Duck and Bunny.

The entertainmentwebsite SuperBroMovies claimed earlier, the storyline of the film to know. “During an emotional journey they will experience what it really means to be a toy. It is actually simply an existential crisis through the eyes of toys.”

According to voice actor Tim allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear speak, it is an emotionally heavy film, but the audience will also be much to be able to laugh. Or he is right, we will pass in the summer to find out. ‘Toy Story 4’ is coming out on June 21, 2019. The trailer is in the meantime to view via video website YouTube.

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