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‘Blind date’ is back, this time with grapdwang of Nathalie Meskens

Ingeborg is hovering now somewhere high in the aether, but the program ‘Blind date’ is back. The words ‘tedious’, ‘boring’ and ‘uncomfortable’.

Carry Tefsen – Mien Dobbelsteen from Say ’ns aaa – and her voice: they are part of my childhood. The end of the 80s presented Tefsen on the Dutch tv …

Carry Tefsen – Mien Dobbelsteen from Say ’ns aaa – and her voice: they are part of my childhood. The end of the 80s presented Tefsen on the Dutch tv On good luck. With a versgewassen head, bare feet and a bag of prawn crackers and creeping my sister and I on a Friday night for tv. Us part: heart-shaped sliding doors, fog machines, puffed sleeves à gogo and 21-year-olds who looked as if they 45 were.

The naughty puns (sex, woehoehoe) made us smile and if it turned out that the candidates together on a journey ON THE MOUTH (!!!) being kissed had been in pain, we together only one thing was missing. We were not even halfway through the lower school – boys were still dirty and VTM was still in scaffolding. Tefsen gave in 1992 had given up on the datingprogramma. Ingeborg presented from 1991 on VTM, the Flemish version of Blind date. That kept them full until 2004. After that, she was so light that they leviteerde and seemingly forever of the screen hovering.

Tefsen is now 80 years old. On good luck is a program from the world of television. In a spasm of nostalgia has VTM now decided to have the datingprogramma to dust and back to broadcast. Not the Ingeborg – for one reason or another has become the spirit animal of the millennial – but Nathalie Meskens may now grinnekend the bad puns on the other thread.

With any expectation, we are to this episode started. But guys, what an incredibly tedious, boring and uncomfortable things was that, say. Where we had also hoped for? Puffed sleeves, smoke machines or kitschy decordeuren? We got none of that: only a drooggetrokken version of a program that once was something, but actually for a very long time nothing at all.

It has no meaning to a program to reboot after all kinds of parodies on it have already been created. We are in the last decade flooded with serious and less serious, trashy and less trashy dating or antidatingprogramma programs on tv. How do you, with all your clothes on, still on the vuilgebekte Temptation Island? In each case, not by a young doctor mopjes to worry about ‘play doctor games’ or ‘sewing’. No shot is always wrong, Meskens have thought of. They mitrailleerde mopjes. It was grapdwang where even the moppenmakers of The smartest man is still a point to be able to suck.

After watching all this we were actually attacked by a fit of nostalgia. Where is the time that tv makers especially innovative programs wanted to make? Nostalgia we have for the time in which ‘discharged because of worn to threads, ” not yet disposed of.

Blind date. Wednesday evening at 21.15 pm on VTM
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