‘Blind Date’ from Wednesday back on the screen

d904fdcfc10af911b525b5267c22d999 - 'Blind Date' from Wednesday back on the screen

The nostalgic datingprogramma ‘Blind Date’ is back and for the occasion in a new twist. Wednesday is not Ingeborg but Nathalie Meskens that the show presents.

With the 30th anniversary of the commercial tv-station VTM of the transmitter, the legendary ‘Blind Date’ covered in the dust. The concept remains unchanged, but there are still a lot of changes have been made. One of those changes is Nathalie Meskens, that the role of Ingeborg takes over as presenter.

Also to the game itself, there are some changes. There are new rounds introduced, and the episodes with candidates from specific target groups. So will there be an episode with only those over 65 years and one with gay people.

The first episode is Wednesday to see 21u15 on VTM.

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