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Barcelona can’t beat Real Madrid in the closed Clasico, slumped Messi can tide won’t turn

9a318764243ea17c543c1cfbf61e7ea4 - Barcelona can't beat Real Madrid in the closed Clasico, slumped Messi can tide won't turn

FC Barcelona has the heenwedstrijd of the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey in his own Camp Nou can not win of rival Real Madrid. The Koninlijke came early on ahead of and beyond the end of Malcolm after peace came to Barça, not more, despite the contribution of the not-fit Lionel Messi: 1-1. The second leg is on 27 February at the Bernabeu played

No Thomas Vermaelen to barcelona, where Lionel Messi this week to cope with an injury to the right thigh and on the bank began.

Without his star player missed Barcelona’s start and Real Madrid took the match right away in your hands. And already after six minutes, was 0-1 on the board: Benzama explained to the second pole back perfectly on Lucas Vazquez, who is good for his man, crawled and scored.

The match was even ten minutes old when Sergio Ramos for an (inevitable) yellow card ran, although after a slight obstructiefout. In the front was the 18-year-old Vinicius a scourge for the Barça defence but made in the zone of truth is not always the right choices. Barcelona was seeking, suffering, unnecessary loss of ball and even had possession of the ball at the Royal, which is high pressure, and quickly ‘ conversion.

After twenty minutes or so if Malcolm, however, still only on Navas off but the Brazilian seemed to not get past the duplication of Thibaut Courtois, and was also flagged for (just) offside. On the half hour, then still a first time Barça: first was Piqué on target and moments later headed Rakitic on the lat. On the counter hesitant Vinicius and Benzema to 0-2.

The home team led the rest in sight of the press but Navaz was also good flat on a good plaatsbal of Suarez.

Leo can tide won’t turn

Messi also continued after resting initially on the bench, but Barcelona still went higher play and demanded the ball. The second half, however, remained locked, until Sergio Alba is going pulled. Navaz saved initially, even the furniture, Suarez slammed the rebound is still on the pole, but Malcolm was well followed to the end.

After an hour’s play if Messi, under loud applause raids and the game could really begin. Arturo Vidal was also on the bank called and also Real Madrid have laid the cards on the table, with the contribution of Gareth Bale and Casemiro.

The mere presence of Messi seemed, for a moment, panic amongst the People of madrid but played odds were, and so remained everyone still on his hunger sit. A true To Rose the ball into the feet of Benzema played, but Bale broke the unique opportunity.

The all in all, disappointing Clasico ended on a logical 1-1. The second leg is on 27 February at the Bernabeu played, only three days later already the next Clasico at the program: you will receive Real again the rival in the league.

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