Amir Motaffaf ambassador of and 1712

fb7d1a43efc697e9eea86fe777798c79 - Amir Motaffaf ambassador of and 1712 a part of the confidential Child-protection centres. For some years now, the chat staffed by employees of VK Brussels (implemented by Child Focus). UK Brussels do this for the whole of Flanders and the Brussels Capital Region. The confidential Child-protection centres provide advice and training and working with victims and perpetrators of child abuse, neglect, and abuse, and their families. 1712 there is any question about any form of violence or abuse. Not only physical violence. Also psychological, economic or sexual violence. (for all ages)

Amir: “I think the happiness of other very important and especially of young people. Other happy see makes me happy. Think of a baby that something schattigs does, makes you yourself happy? If the same child is sad would be the word you yourself also not exactly cheerful. Also a happy and good childhood can ensure that a child will be better, more successful and self-confident in the future”.

Amir put himself in for the good cause. So he raised money with his ‘free hugs’ action for Red Nose day.

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