All Kids presents … Bibi & Tina, Tarzan and a fun weekendspecial!

Every day and every weekend puts the tv option All Kids your offspring and the rest of the family well into the wadding. Now in the spotlight: Tarzan, Bibi & Tina and again a nice weekendspecial on Nick Jr.

Children who just rest find at a movie … and mama’s and papa’s that is of benefit to the day peacefully start or end. It’s great, and in the weekend you will find there is sure to be somewhere for a moment.
The option of All Kids of Proximus TV not only gives you access to five extra children’s channels, but also to a catalogue full of movies that are suitable for your offspring.

Bibi & Tina, the movie: now available with All Kids
Are your children a fan of the witch Bibi Bloksberg and her friend Tina? Then they find the fix and definitely fun just sit back with this film.
Bibi Blocksberg is a girl with special powers: she is a witch. With her best friend Tina she spends the summer holiday at the stables. Together, the two every day enjoying horseback riding. But this summer, there are quite a few problems. So is the beautiful but unreliable Sophia behind Tina’s boyfriend Alexander. She tries to get him even as far as he can with her move to boarding school in England. Tina is all about her speed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the devious businessman Hans Kakmann his very best to Alexander’s father, the foal Sokrates putting. On the day of the big horse race at the castle near know Bibi not what they should do and for whom they must stand. Not only Sokrates is at stake, but also her friendship with Tina…

Free to view for subscribers of All Kids.
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Tarzan, for small and big adventurers
Fun news for fans of adventure films, because the ‘Tarzan’ is available with the All Kids option of Proximus TV! A beautiful animated film, suitable for children from six years.
During an expedition in the heart of Africa to deposit the helicopter of John Greystoke and his family down. The only survivor is a three-year-old son Tarzan. A group of gorillas find the boy and take care of him. Tarzan grows up in the jungle, according to the laws of nature. For ten years he met no other people… to the lovely Jane Porter makes its appearance. It is love at first sight. Her companion William however has evil plans. Tarzan will be smart and strong to be beautiful at home to save…

Free to view for subscribers of All Kids.
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Bubble Guppies: The Puppy and the Ring
Sunday it is once again time for a fun weekendspecial on Nick Jr.: ideal for parents who are in the morning, like what do you want to puffs. This week the young people start the day with a special of the Bubble Guppies: The Puppy and the Ring.
In the mythical land Bubbeldom has the common nachttovenaar the magical ring of the sun king’s stolen. Someone should ring to find before the forever night! Manage the Molly and Gil the ring to bring back to the king? Or will they never more light to see? You can see it in the weekendspecial of Bubble Guppies, Sunday at 8.30 pm on Nick Jr.
The channel Nick Jr. is included in the All Kids tv option from Proximus TV and in Flanders and Brussels to watch it on channel 157.

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All Kids

The All Kids tv option has everything to take your kids to spoil. With the Kids Channels , you get five extra channels with special focus on small and larger children. A unique offering with the funniest cartoons, series and music, for Studio 100 HITS is included.

In addition, you get with All Kids, also the Studio 100 GO Pass, an extensive selection of series, musicals, movies, music, books and games.

Finally, it gives All Kids you also have access to the range of Ketnet and Pebble TV on request. So can you and your children the best series of these stations to watch when you but want to.
A Kids tv-option to order, you need tv pack to choose. All Kids is included in Tuttimus.
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