007 looking for Bond girl in Hotel Römantiek: this are the new singles

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With his 78 adventurous years, he is ten years younger then – my name is Bond – Sean Connery, but for the love he is far too old. Because Herwig from Wilrijk, together with three other ‘mystery men’ Hotel Römantiek on his zandvesten do shake.

Herwig (78) was for a long time at the then gendarmerie. Years later and an officer, he went as a real secret agent in search of the weak spots in the branches, and he made the raiders as difficult as possible. He also had a long career as a look-a-like but since Daniel Craig’s arrival on a backburner.

Bert is 80 years. He lives equally in Tongeren, but has almost 15 years of his young life spent in the Congo. Together with his wife, he got four children. Here in Belgium, they had three. His grandchildren he can no longer be counted two hands. Bert lost his wife a few years ago from Alzheimer’s. He has to be the end for her care.

Paul (70) now lives in Aartselaar but grew up overseas. His father found work in New Jersey and little Paul started his life in America and Canada. On his 23rd he returned to Belgium, where a difficult inburgeringsperiode began. He lost the love of his life a few years ago to an aggressive brain tumour: “they sometimes say that the first year is the hardest, but that is not true. The second year is even harder, but now I must continue.”

Jean-Pierre (75) from Ypres has worked for many years in the construction industry. He is divorced, and for a while now looking for a new love, preferably one that the motor can drive. Together sneak these four gentlemen on very cinematic way within in the group, determined to make their mission a success.

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