With more cineastes is edition 69 a Berlinale with balls

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Female filmmakers, the political and social tensions in the world, Netflix, very few stars and even less Hollywood: let edition 2019 of the Berlinale is described. The ten-day film festival, in its 69th edition, in the currently ice-cold Berlin back to his roots: (political) content above the glitz and glamour of Venice and Cannes.

For the hoofdbekroning, the Golden Bear, this year 17 films, seven directed by women. Festival director Dieter Kosslick insists, however, that this is not a sort by #MeToo caused Wiedergutmachung, because quality is what should always take precedence over one or the other zip system. “It has no meaning to a program put together by aware a quorum vrouwenfilms to search”, he said.

Although the official competitieluik not a “great” Hollywoodnaam contains, in the sound of the majority of the selected film makers best known in the ears. As a red thread through the selection runs the theme of the consequences of a rapidly changing world on the social network. Hence films about the exploitation of children, the erosion of traditional family structures, gender equality, and hot political potatoes.

In advance for controversy created ‘Elisa and Marcela’, the latest film by the Spanish filmmaker Isabel Coixet. That the movie is about two women who at the beginning of last century married, bothers no one, however, that the print has already been sold to the Spanish branch of Netflix. Kosslick is however of the opinion that “festivals are intended (are) for movies in the cinema, will be screened”.

Regular customers at the Berlinale are, among others, Francois Ozon, Agnieszka Holland and Fatih Akin. Ozone is with ‘Grace a Dieu’ is already on his fourth visit to Berlin. His film is about sexual abuse by a French priest and three people who are (therefore?) their own lives and their families in question begin to ask. The Polish veterane Holland brings in Berlin ‘Mr Jones’, a story about the holomodor, the famine in the Soviet Union in the years ’30. And the Turkish-German Akin presents, fifteen years after his breakthrough and Golden Bear-winning with ‘Gegen die Wand’, ‘The Golden Glove’, a thriller about a female serial killer who, in the Hamburg of the ’70s is playing. Also, the now 59-year-old Danish Lone Scherfig is in the German capital, not to its advantage. Her film, ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ is even the festivalopener.

American politics is twice central in ‘Watergate’ by Charles Ferguson, a documentary about the fall of president Richard Nixon, and in the Globe-winning, bitter satire “Vice” of Adam McKay about Dick Cheney, vice president under George Bush junior. The Berlinale focuses the spotlight on Carlos Marighella, a Brazilian member of parliament, poet and activist, who in 1969 by the military junta, was killed. ‘Marighella’ is the film debut of actor Wagner Moura. Also a documentary about the Warsaw ghetto is programmed.

Since a few years absent in Cannes and Venice, is the Chinese movie. Not so in Berlin, that turns out with the world premieres of new films by three former Bears-winners from the middle kingdom: Wang Quan’an, Wang Xiaoshuai and Zhang Yimou.

On 17 February the jury, under the direction of Juliette Binoche the list of winners of the Golden and Silver Bears known.

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