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Ultimas crown Peter Verhelst, Lukas Dhont and Tamino

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Jan Decorte and Sigrid Vinks were awarded for their work. The other Ultima-prices chose sometimes safe, sometimes daring.

With Peter Verhelst (literature) and Danny Ronaldo (circus), two were well established in their genre award. At Verhelst is the especially his recent book For the forgotten , which gave it a Ultima led since three years, the new name for the Flemish culture prizes. With Lukas Dhont (film) and Tamino (music) fell in the ceremony Tuesday night at the AB in Brussels two young, but internationally booming artists in the prices.

On the other side of the leeftijdsspectrum are critic Marc Dubois (architecture) and, of course, Jan Decorte and Sigrid Vinks. This duo for four decades, partners in life and work, won the Ultima for General Cultural Merit. Thus, they follow previous winners as Viviane De Muynck, Raf Simons, Ivo van Hove, Alain Platel and Guy Mortier.

According to the jury, is the influence of Jan Decorte on the renewal of the performing arts in Flanders since the 80’s not to deny it. Together with soul mate Vinks he has ‘paved the way for a new form of theatrical narration and countless artists inspired’, however, ‘without a single concession to the fashion of the moment.’

Next to Sigrid Vinks there were only two other women in the prices. Otobong Nkanga (visual arts) is a Nigerian from hometown Antwerp, all over the world exhibits. Elsemieke Scholte is the driving force behind the workshop, The Dramatist (performing arts). The BILL award for young talent, also went to a woman: slam poet Hind Eljadid.

New traditions

Two Ultimas drew the social map. The citizens ‘ platform for Aid to Refugees (socio-cultural adult work) helps every day (trans)migrants in the Maximilien o.a. nights. The Ostend Street, Orkestra (amateur arts) consists of Ostend muziektalenten with and without a roof over their head.

There were also Ultimas to projects which traditions to breathe new life into or rituals think of for this time. Revival (intangible heritage) is organizing for over five years, concerts and stories on cemeteries on the day of all saints. BKRK – Bokrijk grades (cultural entrepreneurship) put craftsmanship as a tool for reclamation of the Bokrijk-site.

The laureates will each receive 10,000 euros and an award made by Stefaan Dheedene.

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