Then no worstenmuseum in the former German concentration camp at Buchenwald

3fa5b16368b1b61c21e8b44af313cc42 - Then no worstenmuseum in the former German concentration camp at Buchenwald

Plans for a museum dedicated to the Thuringian bratwurst to move to the site of a concentration camp from the Second world War are definitive of the job. The Jewish community in Germany takes a sigh of relief.

The idea of a worstenmuseum to build on the site of a former forced labor camp came from the Friends of the Thuringian Sausage, an association which is already a museum operates, that is dedicated to the local delicacy. They came up with the idea to bring the current museum to move to the outskirts of the city of Mühlhausen, eighty kilometers northwest of the concentration camp Buchenwald.

But on that site at the time were hundreds of Jewish women locked up. Other prisoners were directed to Buchenwald, where, between 1937 and 1945 280.000 people were trapped. More than fifty thousand of them survived that is not, by hunger, disease and medical experiments. On the plans was so much criticism, that that were deleted.

“I am pleased that in a consensual way, it was decided that a new location for the museum is to search,” says chairman Josef Schuster of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, who strongly opposed the project, had protested Tuesday in the Tagesspiegel.

The worstenmuseum apologizes on his web site also to everyone that ‘the plans considered as a minimization or a sense of perspective of the crimes of national-socialism’ and regretted not previously been informed about the history around the new site.

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