The tenth season of “The Walking Dead” announced

f1081c0fd8b441b97a66b2c59cc52a90 - The tenth season of "The Walking Dead" announced

There will be a tenth season of this success series “The Walking Dead”. That was announced AMC yesterday in a video clip.

The news comes just before the premiere of the so-called ‘midseason’ finale of the ninth season, in which the strip bad guys, The Whisperers be exposed.

From this season, Angela Kang on as showrunner. Previously served them as a writer for the series. So she wrote inter alia, “Judge, Jury, Executioner” season 2, “Still” in season 4 and wrote them on the finale of season 4, which is one of the best rated episodes ever.

In season 9, it was also time to say goodbye to Andrew Lincoln, who the former police officer Rick Grimes played. Lincoln will still have to be seen in a number of “Walking Dead” films in the pipeline. Lauren Cohan, Maggie played, but also in a number of episodes to offer, because they are busy with the recordings for the ABC series “Whiskey Cavalier”.

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