Stolen crown jewels in Sweden may weather

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After the theft of several historic crown jewels from a Swedish cathedral his share of the loot, presumably resurfaced. That said prosecutor Reeva Devgun Tuesday on the channel SVT. However, it is still not 100 percent sure whether it is the seventeenth-century crown jewels.

It was the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that “unnamed sources” quoted who said the crown jewels – or parts thereof – were discovered in a trash can in the vicinity of Stockholm.

The lawsuit against a young Swede, who, because of the theft, must justify, is suspended, reports Devgun now. The defense agrees. Witnesses Tuesday, a statement had travelled, and were heard as scheduled.

The police arrested the 22-year-old in september 2018. He was at the end of July accused along with a friend three objects from the cathedral of Strängnäs in the west of Stockholm, to have been stolen. More specifically, the crown and the orb of in 1611, died Charles IX of Sweden and the crown in 1625 dead wife, queen Christina von Holstein-Gottorp.

The three crown jewels have an estimated value of 65 million Swedish krona (€6.3 million). Tuesday had on the process is actually the slotpleidooien should take place. How many court days, the lawsuit will now be getting, is not yet clear.

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