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Stoffel Vandoorne: “I don’t want the expense what it will cost to return to the F1”

5f6e7929faaac50f4997e387bfc1b85f - Stoffel Vandoorne: "I don't want the expense what it will cost to return to the F1”

Stoffel Vandoorne has made it to its meaning in the Formula E, the friendly intercourse between the riders is a relief, and also the political games of the F1 he does not lack.

Although he made his start in the Formula E is not without struggle is expired Stoffel Vandoorne satisfied with his life after F1. It will also be no surprise that the Rumbekenaar little polite to his two seasons at McLaren where he was a team in crisis was to be found.
In an interview with ‘Motorsport’ let Vandoorne know that it is not easy to give an answer to the question or, rather, a blessing or a curse was to the team-mate of Fernando Alonso to McLaren.
“I can’t change what happened and I have no regrets of what happened during my time at McLaren.”
“It was certainly not the best period of my career, this was actually pretty smooth. I do think that it made me stronger. There were many things I didn’t have under control had but it was good for character to grow and I have been now behind me.”
“Now I find myself in a totally different environment that I personally much better find. It’s much quieter by the way the drivers interact with each other and the way how the politics is done in the paddock.”
Vandoorne should be first points still to achieve in Formula E but he won’t let himself be discouraged and let us know that he is for the long term, he wants to be part of the project, in which Mercedes to work.
“Formula 1 is so unpredictable,” he continues. “If you look at what happened last year happened on the rijdersmarkt, that nobody could predict.”
“There are a number of people in which we all had thought that the not be the case and there are people not at which everyone had thought that she would.”
“I don’t need the expense of what it will take to return to Formula 1,” decision Vandoorne.

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