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SEC will continue to monitor Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other Altcoins strict

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SEC will continue to monitor Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other Altcoins strict

Home News SEC is Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other Altcoins to monitor more rigorously

Marcel Knobloch –

The American Servurites and Exchange Comission plans to the most used cryptographic Ledger to track. A program should be developed, that the evaluation of Blockchain-to facilitate data-not only when reading, but also in the treatment tremendously.

The SEC wants to track the data to crypto-currencies with the highest transaction volume in more detail and the “universe of available information and transaction exploit details”. The Initiative is to extend the efforts of the SEC picking “to monitor the risk in the crypto trade, to improve compliance with the regulations and to inform policy in relation to digital assets better”. The advertised initiative of the SEC ends on 12.02.2019, until then, can apply to experts of the block chain industry.

The described main objectives are defined as follows:

  • The data to be placed in a verifiable Format
  • The most commonly used Ledger based on the transaction volume should be monitored more closely
  • Providing the Fähikgeit findings from the available data to derive eiinschließlich possible attribution data (e.g., to whom an address belongs to)

Here, the SEC announced are not to be traced in Detail what are the Ledger, however, it is assumed that one of the biggest digital Assets, with respect to the marktkapit metallization, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or XRP. According to Bitinfocharts were conducted with the following crypto-currencies within the last 24 hours, the majority of transactions:

  1. XRP 634.520 (41,7%)
  2. Ethereum 418.649 (27,5%)
  3. Bitcoin 339.456 (22,3%)
  4. Ethereum Classic 40.347 (2,6%)
  5. Dogecoin 26.072 (1,7%)
  6. Litecoin 22.586 (1,5%)
  7. Dash with 12,222 (0,8%)
  8. Bitcoin SV 9.156 (0,6%)
  9. Bitcoin Cash 8,356 Total (0,5%)
  10. Monero 2.781 (0,2%)

Many industry experts are convinced that government authorities are already collecting for some time, extensive data on the trading of digital Assets, evaluating, and for their own tasks. Because cryptography is a relatively young research currencies, however, still in box and not in our daily work are integrated, are not to estimate the future impact yet.

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