Russian couple arrested in Malaysia for act with baby

cadd4887cde7a4f10d9dcc6420d366f8 - Russian couple arrested in Malaysia for act with baby

A man and a woman of Russian nationality have been arrested in Malaysia because they are in a act on the street with their baby in the legs back and forth zwierden and him in the air threw.

The Malaysian police came in action after a video on Facebook appeared which show how a man with a baby on his legs to hold him between his legs back and forth zwiert. He throws the baby a few times in the air. Next to him sits a woman on the ground that moves with you on the music.

The couple is questioned about allegations of child abuse, confirms the police. The two twenty-somethings traveling through Asia as street performers and in Malaysia a tourist visa for a month is valid.

The two have turned on the news site Free Malaysia Today (FMT), meanwhile, defended. Their baby would be ” crazy on the exercise.

Facebook has the video, which has over 28,000 views was protected because there may be violence against a child or a teenager is shown. Users can however still view, according to the social network because ‘it can help to the child in question to save’.

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