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More security for Smart Contracts thanks to German researchers – Coin Hero

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More security for Smart Contracts thanks to German researchers

Home News More security for Smart Contracts thanks to German researchers

Matthias Nemack –

A Team from the University of Duisburg-Essen has developed a new programme for more safety in the case of Smart Contracts. The approach sounds promising.

Cyber attacks on Smart Contracts will soon be less likely to?

Even when Berlin addressed to the German stronghold in the crypto sector. In total, there are more Asian countries and in particular Switzerland, the currencies be a Pioneer in the subjects of the Blockchain, Crypto and related issues. Now, however, there are researchers of a research group at the North Rhine-Westphalian University of Duisburg-Essen, which draw attention to themselves. The Team of Professor Lucas Daci has been working on the improvement of safety standards in, among other things, from the Ethereum System known Smart Contracts. The goal: to often by Criminals and hackers attacked the Contracts are to be better protected.

Hackers, it should be clearly be made heavier

Due to their special technical properties, the “contracts” according to our experience, this can sometimes be a easy target for attacks. Tragic: just Because the smart contracts are suitable for many applications within the Blockchain. As a Partner to the scientist, NEC Laboratories Europe at your side. In the first step, the high-school-specialists have proved that so-called Reentrancy-attacks represent a relatively recent development as a threat to the currently used instruments. Because you can bypass the analysis tools to hedge. At least equally important, however, is the new development of teams of researchers. So the experts have developed a program that in the name of Sereum, listening to, and also for the use in already existing Smart Contracts in the Blockchain out of the question.

Blockchain-components should be changeable

The newly developed Software monitors the data streams, while the Contract finishes, as it is called in current opinions. Smart Contracts are executed, detects the application of “inconsistent conditions,” as the Professor in charge explains. The program prevents these changes as soon as they were detected. According to the Team-even very extensive and complex attacks can be avoided. The concept sounds promising, especially in the commercial environment, users have often concerns regarding the application of the Smart Contracts. Here could be another big progress visible.

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