Lindsay Lohan invites Miley Cyrus for her reality show

184233499d92a5a1128a2ffe752d3d4e - Lindsay Lohan invites Miley Cyrus for her reality show

Lindsay Lohan has Miley Cyrus invited to make a guest appearance to play in her new reality show ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’. The singer of “Wrecking Ball” called Lohans show “the best ever”.

“I love her”, told Lohan to the People of Cyprus, “and she is such a great support that the fantastic would be to have her in the show. It would be a huge honor and I would make her immensely thankful. We know each other for so long and I love her, so it would be really cool.”

Lohan also had to know that the present of a reality show its more difficult birth than the acting in a movie. “When the camera’s on the run, I was really nervous. I must at the same time, also my club to manage. That is why I was somewhat shy and timid. If I have a movie twist, then that is my job. If I use my club to running am, then that is my job. But dealing with people I do not know yet, it is not my job. So it was just multi-tasking. But it was fun. I love to teach people to understand and give them things to learn, but it was still frightening.”

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