Liam Neeson under fire because of racist statement

09d00e36ebbb105640ff4c8efc0285a7 - Liam Neeson under fire because of racist statement

In an interview with the British newspaper “The Independent” showed the actor noted that he was a “black bastard” wanted to kill him, after he of a friend was told that she probably by a man of Afro-American origin have been raped.

“I ran laps with a bat, hoping that someone with me would come. I am ashamed to admit. I did this for about a week, hoping that a ‘black bastard’ somewhere out of a bar would stumble and I would be attacking, you know? So I would be able to kill.”

In an interview with The Independent, to promote his new film “Cold Pursuit”, confessed Neeson the story. He had the rape discovered, when he came back home after a trip. He did not mention who exactly the victim of the rape was, but said that “it’s something instinctively was – imagine that this ever happens with someone from your family.”

“They went really well with the situation,” says Neeson about the reaction of the victim. “I asked her if she knew who it was, but they said only that it was an African-American went.”

Neeson gave that he is “a lesson learned” about his reaction. He told me that he grew up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and that he understands that revenge only to more blood loss leads.

On social media came Neeson has come under heavy fire. Many criticized him a racist.

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