Laura Tesoro is beating Niels Destadsbader

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Everything seems Laura Tesoro for the wind to go currently. She scores with her new single, Mutual and also represents a packed-to-2019. And as icing on the cake, she turns out to be even more popular than Niels Destadsbader!

Laura Tesoro is going to have busy times ahead of it. In the field of music, she is working on a successor for its successful single Mutual, she is very busy with the preparations for For the Love of Music, there is a new season of Belgium’s Got Talent, on and from 13 February, joins the cast of the spektakemusical 40-45. “My last rehearsal is just behind us and everything went well,” says Laura Tesoro in the Story. “I’m fully ready for it,” said Laura Tesoro, who, with her role in 40-45 returns to her first love, the musical.

Laura Tesoro admits that it’s a busy year. Her next holiday is only planned in 2020, but they themselves do not walk past, sounds at the poulain of Koen Wauters. Now, the focus is mainly on the covers for For the Love of Music. “As a youngster I sit in there between a bunch of experienced musicians, and I certainly don’t want for them to envy,” says Laura Tesoro in the Story. “That makes me pretty nervous, though, I look greatly forward to hear what they are with my numbers have done,” says Laura Tesoro. Laura Tesoro know, of course, if no other, what Love For Music with one’s career can do. Just look at Stan Van Samang, or last year, Niels Destadsbader. But Laura that boost is still necessary, because now all defeats Niels in awardshows.

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