Koen Wauters pulls hard to The Voice-candidates

f326c42a99751a3c7b12d367f55b2e1a - Koen Wauters pulls hard to The Voice-candidates

Koen Wauters is the only coach that all the seasons of The Voice of Flanders was to be seen in the popular talent show. Koen Wauters says that he was remarkable to find that the blind auditions are still not showing signs of wear. “That will be exciting,” says Koen in Day All. Especially now that there are some small changes were made to the formula. Each team should now after all, 15 candidates will count, so there is more room to have a guess to venture. Moreover, you can also now other coaches will be blocked, causing Koen Wauters also has a chance to fully go for a type of singer, or singer-songwriter who otherwise systematically for Alex Callier, or Bart Peeters would choose. There is this year, but place for four finalists per team, but that should be the live shows more exciting. That used to be a bit too predictable. Nice changes but still has Koen Wauters is also critical.

Koen Wauters is indeed wonderful to see how Luka that last season won its profits in full to redeem. “The Voice is Luka’s life to determine, and that is what we want, of course.” Also his own poulain Laura Tesoro has everything on The Voice to think. She was school years known as seconde, but seized the opportunities that she was offered with both hands and see where they are now. But for a lot of other candidates is done otherwise.

So did Koen Wauters recently had contact with a winner from The Voice that literally said: “I have the verkloot.” Koen Wauters recently came Glenn Claes, the singing plumber and the first winner of The Voice, and who gave very honestly admits that he has only himself to thank for his profit has not been able to capitalize on. “You should take the time to make something, but Glenn has waited too long,” says Koen Wauters. And so it was with each winner or something, seemed to Koen Wauters further on his argument.

“Tom De Man, who won in the year that Laura was, is a fantastic singer, but he had the ambition, not and chose the security of a permanent job as a teacher.” But also in his own team saw Koen people who messed up. Lola is the only candidate that Koen Wauters is the victory lap, but it was not the right wood cut, it sounds strict with her former coach. And Koen Wauters wants to still a lance break for the program…

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