Home-actress makes the transition to Family

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It’s been a long time silent around Patsy Van der Meeren but that is finally changing. Does the name Patsy is not immediately a bell for you to ring? We will with pleasure help. The fans at Home will be Patsy, without a doubt, still remember when Marie De Ruyter-Van Goethem. From 1998 to 2008, Patsy was indeed in the soap at Home to see if Marie.

Afterwards, it would Patsy among others, still to be seen in Patches and Zone City, and she had a guest appearance in FC The Champions and Danni Lowinski. And soon, there will also still Family. And this is Patsy in the long list of actors that have both in the Home and Family have played a role. Patsy will play the role of Gloria in the Family, a cleaning lady at the house of Peter Van den Bossche. This week Patsy her first filming. “In the end of april Gloria for the first time on tv. She is undefeated at the poetsbureau of Fashion and can Peter get to work. Gloria is a flamboyant woman with the heart on the tongue. She always says to everyone around her expected,” responds Patsy in this. The role seems to be very hard on those of Nancy, in the Home, but Patsy will of Gloria no copy of Nancy.

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