Docusoap Andre Hazes including burn out and break up on FIVE

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No number that more is meegebruld than the hit single “Live” of André Hazes Jr., but lives the Famous self-sufficient full? That you see from the 19th of February, at FIVE in the documentary series “André Hazes: I Take Everything From Life”. André Hazes Jr., son of legendary singer André Hazes, takes us nine alfeveringen a long time in the life he shares with his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Monique – “Moon” – and their son André Hazes Jr. III.

In our country, the Hazes-hype at the end of last year set in motion by a tempting passage in ‘Gert Late Night of André Hazes Jr. and the subsequent action in the Lotto Arena. During The Hottest Week grew the number to one of the favorites. In his hit single Live recommends a wise old man Andre to everything in life, less work and more to enjoy, but yet, André himself barely sit still. He is in the spotlight and knows very well what he wants to achieve in life. Together with friends and business partners Djarno and Godfather, he continues to further build on his career and that is hard. André is working on his second album and takes the viewers into the recording studio.

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