Dana Winner is suffering from criticism

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Dana Winner this year, thirty years on the stage. And that’s a miracle because both of her parents were very reluctant to a career as a singer. But despite that long career, there is still one kind of criticism where Dana Winner enormous suffering.

Mary, the mother of Dana Winner, testifies in Day All that the world of showbiz, a world in which she and her late husband not in home. “You hear so many stories.” Especially the dad was concerned and protective towards his daughter. But when Dana broke with the “Roof of the World” they were both superfier. Also enjoyed Dana’s father, especially at a distance. “It was never good enough what I did,” witness Dana Winner. “He wanted me for the perfection went.” Dana Winner admits that she has many that institution has had, “because if there ever is someone towards whom I wanted to prove was the daddy.”

Meanwhile, it is fourteen years ago that Dana’s father died. She wrote to him the poignant song “Farewell Father”. Papa Georges, and Dana had the same character, says mama Maria. “Two go-getters. If they have something in their head, they go even through a wall,” says Dana’s mother. Sometimes hit it once between these strong characters. “We could heavily discuss, bear witness, Dana Winner. “But if I left, that was resolved. I couldn’t with arguing leave.” The mother of Dana also testified about the criticism that her daughter often to turn…

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