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Bitfury plans to wide Bitcoin Mining in Paraguay – Coin Hero

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Bitfury plans to wide Bitcoin Mining in Paraguay

Home News Bitfury is planning extensive Bitcoin Mining in Paraguay

Matthias Nemack –

The well-known company Bitfury would like to work with a partner company on the reputation of the Bitcoin mining and for more security.

The partnership has set clear objectives

Canada and China are already two of the important locations for the Mining of new Bitcoins. When it comes to the company Bitfury Group, will join South quickly in the number of global Mining strongholds. Furthermore, we would like to help the Image of the mining a little on the jumps. To this end, the group teamed up with the new Partner Commons Foundation, the project “Golden Goose” to life. As the location of the South America, Paraguay has been awarded the contract. The cooperation partners have not selected the name of the project, probably for a reason. Certainly, one hopes for from the new way also high revenue.

South America seems to be a clever choice of location

According to his own statement, but the Bitcoin companies aim to provide both the digital currencies and also other Coins like Ethereum or Ripple in South America. The same applies to the Prospecting, which was last fall, in fact, a little bit of a bad name. The reason for the frequent criticism and Malware warnings are safe. South America is in this context, definitely a good breeding ground. Because in the Region of crypto win currencies for several years becoming more and more important. Both private investors and countries such as Venezuela, looking for a way out of the domestic economic crisis and the inflationary spiral.

Paraguay is expected to receive a new crypto-trading space

The trigger for the critical reviews to the Mining of Bitcoins, especially the high energy consumption. This is a Problem you want to address the two partners. In preparation for a so-called “mobile data center. The power supply should be carried out by means of water power. The aim of the activity message, according to a press also the creation of higher safety standards within the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitfury wants to demoralize the Blockchain for quite some time stronger and faster subtle. At the end, then a new crypto exchange of the partner’s Common Foundations.

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