67 days: prepare yourself for season 8 of Game of Thrones

cfc688da9bc0a0f330c2ae5b50e7933a - 67 days: prepare yourself for season 8 of Game of Thrones

The long wait is almost over! The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones makes its appearance. So far, the past few years in total exactly 67 episodes of the HBO phenomenon appeared. And from tomorrow, 6 February, it still takes exactly 67 days before a new episode on the world is released. Look from tomorrow, every day, one unique, fantastic, shocking and revealing episode via Telenet Play or Play More and you’re all, nicely in time for season 8 to find out!

Game of Thrones is the undisputed king of the plottwist and unexpected twists and turns. It is therefore high time for the next 67 days and take their time to rethink how the fork in the stem was. On the other hand, it is now also the time for as a complete beginner to crocheting, and just in time to be ready. And to make it completely stress-free and comfortable to keep you can use our handy ‘Game of Thrones’ binge-calendar. This will keep your kijkschema accurately in the holes to keep it and do not miss your certainly no delivery!
Who will be on the ‘Throne’ of segregation? What are the protagonists survive the lift standing wars? And especially: what surprises has GoT in store for us? Inside 67 days, from 14 april, all of these questions (hopefully) answered in season eight of Game of Thrones!

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