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West-Flemish company will find the wreck of the plane disappeared footballer Emiliano Sala

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The wreckage of the plane that the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala to England had to bring, it is Sunday night found by a ship of the West-Flemish company GEOxyz. That said Patrick Reyntjens, CEO of the company, to VRT NWS. About the fate of the occupants is still no clarity.

The search for the plane of Sala took twelve days. The discovery of GEOxyz from Zwevegem confirms what everyone had long feared: that the small aircraft during the flight from France to Wales, crashed in the Channel. The West-Flemish company was last weekend enabled by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) of the Uk ministry of Defence.

GEOxyz has a fleet of vessels that the the seabed. One of those ships, the Geo Ocean III, is Saturday morning, around 9 o’clock in the morning from Ostend, departed to search for the wreckage of the Beechcraft aircraft that January 23, was missing.

The Geo Ocean III had of the British army, a surface area of 3 by 3 km, combing, to the north of the island of Guernsey. “We were assisted by a French ship,” says Patrick Reyntjens to VRT NWS. “Together, we have specialized equipment to the zone afgespeurd, to we Sunday an anomaly found on the sea floor.’

‘Then we have with our onderwaterrobot further investigated whether the missing Beechcraft plane was. And we have, indeed, the entire plane can identify, on the sea floor’, confirms Reyntjens. ‘The plane appeared heavily damaged.”

Fate of occupants

Clarity about the fate of Sala and the pilot of the plane has Reyntjens not yet. “We wait for the next tide to reconnect with our robot to be able to diving and the place to investigate further.’ The families of both passengers have been informed.

The Geo Ocean III now on the place where the wreck is found. The crew is still waiting on further instructions from the AAIB to later maybe have to go to the storage room of the plane. For “just started doing that may be, must first have the full crashzone be mapped,” says Patrick Reyntjens.

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