US 3.750 extra soldiers to border with Mexico

2181ab623ce8d813ad5bbe45c01be985 - US 3.750 extra soldiers to border with Mexico

The U.s. department of Defense announced Sunday at 3.750 additional soldiers to the border with Mexico. They will, of the border police support.

The number of soldiers that the border police assists is raised to 4.350. Acting American minister of Defence, Patrick Shanahan approved the mission on January 11, well, said the ministry of Defense Sunday in a statement. The soldiers there will be a small 250-kilometre barbed fitting to the border.

President Donald Trump describes the situation at the border with Mexico as a crisis. One of his promises was the construction of a wall at the border, who must make an end to illegal immigration. He claimed that in the budget $ 5.7 billion was provided for the construction of it, but the Democrats are radical against a wall. That led to a shutdown of the U.s. government departments of 35 days, on 25 January ended.

If the Democrats and the Republicans at February 15, not able to reach agreement on the border security, threat of a new shutdown. Trump threatened two days ago to re-declare a state of emergency to call to the legislature to get around.

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