Today is Grey day, the day that our green energy

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Today is Grey Day, the day in the year to which the green energy in Belgium. Until the end of the year, we use only ‘grey energy’, which comes from uranium in nuclear reactors or fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. Canvas launched the concept last year, and is spending this week paying extra attention to the energy and climate change.

In 2018 fell Grey Day on 2 February. This year is a slight improvement, but that is cold comfort. As our country at this pace are energy production remains greener (+0.4 percent per year), our energy is only about 227 years 100 percent renewable. Not in 2050 as foreseen, but in 2246.

The share of self-created renewable energy in Belgium has increased from 8.7 percent in 2016 to 9.1 percent in 2017. These are the last available figures. All the rest, with 90.9 percent, is grey energy. Expressed In time is 9.1 percent corresponds to slightly more than 33 days in a year. Our green energy for 2019 was yesterday/Sunday, and so on.

With Grey Day wants to Canvas people aware of the amount of polluting energy we consume and of the still very small share of green/renewable energy in our energy consumption. The transmitter also wants to see how far we are with the transition, and whether there is hope for Grey Day to reschedule to a later day in the year.

Thursday night there is the Klimaatbetoog, a “stand-up tragedy” by Nic Balthazar in the tradition of “An Inconvenient Truth” of Al Gore. In Vranckx is there next Saturday, a documentary about the first climate refugees in the United States. In the documentary “Planning for place” take Nic Balthazar and the Flemish government Architect Leo Van Broeck the spotlight Sunday night on a trip through Flanders, on the search for innovative spatial projects and fresh ideas about the interior design of our living environment.

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