Temptation Island 2019: THE COUPLES

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From 15 February, four brave couples again the ultimate relatietest. In the exotic Thailand be this time Milou and Heikki, Rodanya and Morgan, Laura and Roger and Demi, and Sidney 15 days, separated from each other, surrounded by benevolent bachelors that do everything for their partner to forget. Never was the fear of the relatietest as big as it is now. Drown the couples give in to the temptation? They lose each other or rather to himself? Those who survive the test and who stays behind? Welcome to Drama Island.

Laura (22) and Roger (23)
The Ghent couple, Laura (21) and Roger (23) has met on a night out. Four long months, they were friends with benefits. That was not the right relationship for the jealous set. Two years ago, they chose exclusively for each other, and since then, they have a relationship. When Laura for 5 months to Spain, went to Erasmus, the torque lines for each other (not too much drinking, not only after 23h, etc.). Both of them could not comply making them also at the return of Laura these rules continued to apply. If they are at Temptation Island will know how to behave want the two to consider the agreements as to let it fall. Roger is also the brother of ” Sugar Jackson.

Milou (23) and Heikki (24)
Milou (23) and Heikki (24) from Roosendaal and Grobbendonk are now 8 months together and know each other through a motocross race. Milou was there with her then boyfriend, saw Heikki sit, and saw in him the ideal picture. The couple decided to each other. Milou is reasonable, however, jealous laid out, know all the passwords and pins of Heikki and check him daily. For Milou, the program is the ultimate relatietest to see if they He can trust. If they Temptation Island survive, the couple is ready for the next step: living together in the Netherlands.

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