Special day for Eva De Roo

8c51f96fb3d44173790e1d33e5333078 - Special day for Eva De Roo

Today is a special day for Eva De Roo. The presenter celebrates namely her 31st birthday. Specially for the birthday of Eva start today the new Studio Brussel. With this reboot wants the radio station to his audience even better serve and enrich. Studio Brussels is committed to the light and reinvent. The goal remains the agenda-setting. The brand new design is to the benefit of that enhanced content, is a state-of-the-art and is versatile and can be used on all platforms. And that Eva will be The Roo also experience because for her there is a change. Eva De Roo meet soon the brave and doers. People with an opinion, an insight or a giant motivation. With a unique, personal and inspiring story. Or a mix of all of that. Curious? You discovered it on Friday, February 18, on the Facebook page of Studio Brussel.

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