Slongs Dievanongs goes to Hollywood

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Slongs, formerly Slongs Dievanongs, has a job in Hollywood to tackle. The rapper will be part of the jury of “The World’s Best”, to be presented by James Corden.

Slongs cross the water between Antwerp and the United States, in order for them to work on a new talent show. The rapper will be one of fifty international judges in “The World’s Best” and, in the opinion of stars such as Drew Barrymore and Ru Paul should be complete. James Corden will be the presentation. He is known for the “Late Late Show” and Carpool Karaoke, in which he stars driving around, and their songs sing.

“Suddenly this was the girl of the ghetto in Hollywood!”, tells Slongs about the experience of ‘Waking up on Sunday” on ATV. The artist stayed for the recordings is a month long in Los Angeles. Soon bring the artist also has a new album out. It will be the first cd under her new name Slongs. The piece ‘Dievanongs’ let them fall “because it is now better to google it is,” she said about that.

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