Now Marcella Schollaert died, twins together again

Barely two months after the death of her twin sister, Jeanne, is now also Marcella Schollaert died. The last remaining half of the legendary elderly twins from the VTM-programme ” The heart of Flanders, is Sunday at age 95 died. That writes The Latest News. At the end of november had to Marcella the death of her twin sister, Jeanne, collect. Where you used Jeanne saw, you saw Marcella and vice versa. The two wore, as it were, always the same outfit. In the year 2000, Flanders knowledge by the Leuven group. Programmmamaker Robin Vissenaekens saw a bright future for the ladies in the VTM program ‘The heart of Flanders’. The sisters saw a collaboration best idea, so they came again in places where they never previously were. Backstage at 10 to see, in an amusement park, the City Parade, the nude beach, nothing was too crazy for the sisters Schollaert.

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