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Newsflash: Amazon crypto currency, VCTRADE launches new function, Iran starts national crypto-currency

Newsflash: Amazon crypto currency, VCTRADE launches new function, Iran starts national crypto-currency

Home News Newsflash: Amazon crypto currency, VCTRADE launches new function, Iran starts national crypto-currency

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The CEO of one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, Binance, has highlighted once again that every company is wound up its business on the Internet, sooner or later, its own digital currency needs. Here he describes but not in the Detail of whether it will be a Kryptowährng or simply its own internal currency, which acts as a means of payment. On Twitter, Zhao refers to Amazon, and describes that he does not understand why Amazon still has not brought their own currency to the market. This would optimize, in his opinion, many of the operational processes and save costs.

Already in December last year, Zhao suggests that he is eagerly waiting to see when Amazon is the new Ecosystem of crypto-currencies. The prognosis of Zhao the further deterioration of the situation, the Amazon retailer is illustrated in the trade war between the US and China right now. As CNBC reported, there are already the first consequences of (freely translated):

Many large Amazon sellers have received this week a communication from a company you can rely on the international transfer of funds. The news of the world first from London, was alarming: The US business was immediately closed. We write some news, of which you, as a world first customer from the United States are affected. The world’s first shareholders have decided to US activities. Therefore, we are able to offer you our products and services.

VCTRADE are known to function to Withdraw BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC

VCTRADE is a crypto-currency exchange, which is operated by the Japanese heavy weight SBI Holdings. In a recent message, it was reported that from now on, the function is to Withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

The Exchange added in December, the Deposit function for BTC, ETH, and XRP. The customer base includes, before the official Start about 23 million active customers, so the stock is among the largest in the world. CEO Yoshitaka Kitao said that the platform is for the mass adaption (freely translated):

If we do it, it will be within the shortest period of time, the number one, and even if an enormous number of customers, we can build a System that can withstand the work load.

When the exchange starts, however, officially remains to be seen.

Iran starts national crypto-currency Paymon’s

The Financial Tribune reported, has called Iran its long-announced their own cryptocurrency. The digital Asset is called Paymon’s and translates as “Covenant in Persia”. The project is developed in collaboration with a local Fintech companies, Kuknos, and implemented. The introduction of the currency should take place in two phases. First, Paymon’s is used as a means to facilitate the payment between banks, and later as a means of payment to carry out transactions.

Iran is already with a total of 8 countries of the EU in an interview to the dissemination and acceptance of Paymon’s. The USA and the EU had buzzing Iran to severe economic sanctions, which have weakened the country greatly. The Alternative to the existing SWIFT System Iran sees the launch of his own digital Assets.

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