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New England Patriots defeat Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl with lowest score ever, record for legend Tom Brady

The New England Patriots have the Super Bowl won by the Los Angeles Rams with a 13-3 defeat. That is the lowest score ever in a final of the National Football League. In total, there were three “fieldgoals” and one touchdown. The low score was mainly due to sloppiness of both teams. For the quarterback of the Patriots Tom Brady was his sixth Super Bowl, so he is record holder.

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The decisive touchdown was made by Sony Michel in the fourth quarter with about 7 minutes to go. After that score came to the Patriots is no longer in danger and they have a number of opportunities lie.

The Patriots were during the whole game the better team and were more often in attack. The score was in the second quarter opened by a ‘fieldgoal’ by Stephen Gotkowski from about 38 metres.

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