Maduro rejects European ultimatum for new presidential elections in Venezuela

5ec00208563c545aabcd57febdb0bf8f - Maduro rejects European ultimatum for new presidential elections in Venezuela

The controversial Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has the ultimatum of several European countries for new presidential elections, in addition to resigned themselves. He did that on the Spanish television channel La Sexta.

Maduro said that he is not ‘cowardice’ would exhibit under pressure from the ones that are departure to ask, and his opponent’s support. “Why should the European Union to a country in the world that all elections be held, telling that the presidential elections must repeat, because it is not his right-wing allies are that they have won?’, asked Maduro.

‘They are trying us with ultimatums to convert to us to force in a situation of extreme confrontation, ” he continued.

Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Austria had Maduro up to and including Sunday the time for new elections and shouting out. Otherwise, they would be opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president recognize.

Self interim president

Guaidó, chairman of the parliament, proclaimed himself on January 23, to interim president. The United States and many other countries to recognise him in that capacity.

The Venezuelan president declared himself to be a supporter of the international contact group, consisting of the EU and Latin American countries such as Uruguay and Mexico, who on Thursday meets in Montevideo, Uruguay. “I support this conference (…) I bet that this initiative will make it possible to the negotiating table to sit for a dialogue among Venezuelans, for our disputes to resolve, to create a plan, a way out that the problems of Venezuela will fix it,” he said.

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