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Loving adventure, or the story behind haatboodschappen

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Those who want to know how to navigate on a journey with young people with Down syndrome can go to One. Canvas are looking for, then again from what goes hidden behind the many sour notes on Facebook.

    (One 20.35-21.25 hours)

    Dieter Coppens does it again. He goes on a journey with six young people who have Down syndrome have. The destination? South Africa. The result? A loving adventure.

    (Canvas 21.20-22.10 hours)

    VRT journalist Tim Verheyden made on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of Facebook this three-part documentary series about everything Facebook in that time has initiated. Also, the final episode promises to be interesting: Verheyden going to find the consequences of online haatboodschappen in the real life.

    (NPO 2 20.25-21.45 hrs)

    How do you build a quantum computer? Nano-scientist Leo Kouwenhoven and his team have a head start in the international race, which must ultimately lead to this holy grail of physics.

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