Letters that breakage of The Beatles announced on sale for 630,000 euros

The legal correspondence that the breakage of The Beatles in 1969, unofficially sealed is offered for sale for a sloppy 550.000 pounds, or 629.138 euro. Reports that music site New Musical Express (NME) today. The letters were in January and april of that year sent to John Eastman and Lee Eastman, respectively the father and brother of Linda Eastman, who in march 1969, married Paul McCartney.

In the first letter, the four Beatles and head of their company Apple Corps to John Eastman that he got permission to on behalf of the group to act during the negotiations of the contracts. In the second letter, however, that the history is seen as “the split letter’ (‘the echtscheidingsbrief’), announced John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr that they have with other managers in the sea went, namely, that of The Rolling Stones, while McCartney with the Eastman family would continue to work.

Both of these letters are now offered for sale. The January letter will receive a prize of 225.000 pounds (257.000 euro), while the april-letter from owner changes for 325.000 pounds (372.000 euro).

The Beatles would eventually in 1970 will cease to exist. In response to setbacks and internal disputes during the making of their latest album, ‘Let It Be’.

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