Idris Elba signs on for thriller ‘Deeper’

7a0fc1cdbcee0cae19ece320936ac0ba - Idris Elba signs on for thriller 'Deeper'

Idris Elba has his next starring role bite: the British actor with Ghanaian roots may in his crowded calendar, a seat for the filming of the supernatural thriller ‘Deeper’, know entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter.

The thriller revolves around a disgraced astronaut, played by Elba, who in the deep-sea exploration to a newly discovered trench. There is, however, an unknown danger…

The preparations for the film had already degenerated into a veritable merry-go-round: after previous negotiations in 2016, it would be Bradley Cooper and Gal Gadot starring play, with Kornel Mundruczo as a director, but either blew their cooperation. Then put movie studio MGM, the project in the refrigerator until a suitable director was found. That came in the form of ‘Everest’ and ‘Adrift’-director Baltasar Kormákur. When the search for a protagonist with the same status as Cooper, was finally to Idris Elba looked.

Elba has a busy year ahead, with his role in the ‘Fast & Furious’spin-off ‘Hobbs And Shaw, this summer, in the halls appears, and the film adaptation of the musical ‘Cats’, which is the result from 20 december to admire.

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