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Four Flemings on the longlist Libris literature prize

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Eighteen writers are still in the running for the Libris literature prize, with 50,000 euros one of the most prestigious literary awards of our language.

On the longlist of the prize, which is the best Dutch novel of the past year awards, boasts four Flemish people: Johan de Boose, who is also music critic for De Standaard der Letteren a chance with The vloekhout, next to Peter Verhelst with For the forgotten, Charles Ducal, with a Chronicle of an imagined life and Peter Terrin with Patricia.

The other nominees you can find a few established names, such as Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Arnon Grunberg and Esther Gerritsen and Joke van Leeuwen, but they are in the minority. The list is striking many young authors such as Mary Lucas Rijneveld, Nina Polak, Jaap Robben and Bregje Hofstede. Notable absent is A. F. Th. Van der Heijden, his novel about the MH17, Beautiful doodliggen.

At the same time, the organisation launches of the Libris literature prize a leesclubactie. Via the website startjouwleesclub.nl she wants the price to be wider disclosure and people enthusiastic about the chosen books to read.

On 18 march, the jury will announce which six names to be retained on the shortlist. Who the winner is, we will know on may 6.

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