Former partijgenoot of Geert Wilders is muslim

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The former Dutch member of parliament Joram van Klaveren of the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders has become a muslim. Of Clubs fighting against islam for years to fire and sword, but has radically changed his mind, he reported in an interview with NRC Handelsblad.

Van Klaveren, who was from a protestant-christian nest, was from 2010, four years for the PVV in the Second Room. In 2014 he broke with the party of Geert Wilders, but he wanted to be Kamerzetel not specify. Together with companion, Louis Bontes, he tried a new right-populist party to get off the ground. But with VoorNederland, such as which party was going to be called, managed not to be in 2017 again in the Room.

Of Clubs, writes NRC, is the man who once ” islam is a lie’, ‘Mohammed is a criminal, the Koran is poison’, on a sticker put. The man who is not tired to repeat that islam is an ideology of terror, death and destruction.

His conversion began, so he tells the newspaper, when he was a book wanted to write. Not just a islamkritisch book. He wanted to prove that all muslim misery – violence, jews who beheaded should be, contempt of women, homophobia – may be justified by faith. So that muslims there are not more around it could.

It was not to be. The book was a refutation of all the objections that non-muslims have against islam. “I discovered that many of the negative stories about islam have their origin in medieval Europe. Christians saw islam as a competing religion and did everything possible to disqualify. Actually, it was my biggest obstacle prophet Muhammad. I believed truly that he is a malicious figure, a money-hungry wellusteling was. There are a lot of lies spread about this man.’

Not that his book is one panegyric on the religion of islam. Van Klaveren says in NRC newspaper that he best is critical.

’Islam Is an enrichment for the Netherlands? Yes, I believe in that. But I also write that a lot of islam you see now, is tainted by wahhabism from Saudi Arabia . It is a pity, because that is a very puritan view on islam, extreme in the eyes of many people. The big bite Dutch muslims, of course, is not wahhabitisch. They don’t back out of the social life and don’t think that everyone who is not muslim is wrong or scary. There are still so many prejudices about the real islam.’

His wife supports him and his conversion, he says in the newspaper. “My brothers and sister reacted in varying degrees, from positive to indifferent. My mother was not very happy.’ And his ex-party members? “A lot of people will not be very enthusiastic to respond. Undoubtedly it will be severe.’

The whole interview you can read here.

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