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“Ferrari is her duty to win is a problem”

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Ferrari is on its stand obliged to win and Felipe Massa, former driver of the Scuderia, think that the pressure that that brings with it a problem for the team.

The Brazilian knows the house of Maranello because he was himself eight seasons rider of the legendary team call and knew he had eight races to win. He finds that his former team the past two seasons in the hunt for Mercedes long not bad.

Yet, he wants also a comment to make, he can not be in addition to the fact look that the Ferrari no longer seems to work since Jean Todt there not more on the strings pulls. At the end of 2007, the Frenchman the door behind him, very close to Maranello and with Mattia Binotto at the helm from 2019, we are the fourth team boss in eleven years.

“Internally there have been a lot of things at Ferrari when the pressure comes,” said Mass opposite the ‘Motorsport.’ “That is always present and inside is the team always been this way. There was a time when less was present because the results were better, in the time of Jean Todt.”

“Jean was a man with great leadership experience in every department of the team. He could get various departments to work together without the pressure involved. Then things like this happened in a very different way.”

“Now it feels Ferrari constant pressure and the obligation to win, that is a problem.”

Mass has a good eye in the new team boss, Mattia Binotto. He thinks that he is better with the pressure is going to be able to than its predecessor Maurizio Arrivabene.

“Binotto is a calm man. He has the abilities to take on a calmer way to work and the pressure is less to absorb than Arrivabene.”

“It is also all new for him, he was never team boss.”

“We must wait and see how he works because it is a significant change. He is the boss but he will also be on the technical side. I wish him the best, he was already at Ferrari when I arrived.”

After a year full of mistakes from both riders and team Ferrari this year for a season full of change. In addition to a new team boss was also experienced rot Kimi were times replaced by the relatively inexperienced Charles Leclerc.
“The team has both a competitive technical structure, as well as good riders.”

“According to me does Ferrari with Leclerc the right thing because he is very good. That boy can be a great champion in the future and I hope that already in the near future will be the case.”

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