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Dutch footballer says transfer to Italy… on the advice of God

ed11179099606526786b51bd3e7e3b7b - Dutch footballer says transfer to Italy... on the advice of God

The Dutch footballer Kingsley Ehizibue refused a transfer to the Italian Genoa for a very striking reason: “I have asked God what his path was,because if I have to make myself listen, it ends in disappointment,” says Ehizibue in an interview with The Volkskrant.

However the transfer of Ehizibue as good as in the bag. He would be at Genoa 1.7 million euros per year to earn. Enough to take care of his family. His Dutch club, PEC Zwolle, it could be the transfer between the 2 and 3 million euro is yours. Nevertheless, said the Dutch footballer with Nigerian roots no to the Italian money, and he followed his heart.

Ehizibue traveled together with Technical Director Gerard Nijkamp down to Genoa where he is the medical test was. Nevertheless, it was the Dutch footballer is not good at the choice he was about to make. “The people were friendly and the breakfast was not good, but I was not sure of my piece,” Ehizibue.

To find an answer to his doubts founded Ehizibue to God. “If I had my own path to follow, it leads eventually to disappointment. with God, I know that the good comes. If he told me had to do it, then I had it done,” says the believer, Kingsley to The Volkskrant

Decision can in admiration

The day after his decision handed Ehizibue the news to Genoa, but a clear reason could he not unto them: “I followed my heart”. The decision of Ehizibue may, at his club, PEC Zwolle, in many admiration. Coach Jaap Stam takes the decision courageous, and captain Bram van Polen will find that the Ehizibue graces that he is not for the big money chose.


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