Deadpool-sequel will break the record of first film

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“Deadpool 2” has a global 784 million U.s. dollars raised. With that revenue drops the sequel to the record of the first Deadpool movie. That broke in 2016 the record of most popular movie for adults, with a yield of 783 million dollars. That reports The Hollywood Reporter.

That “Deadpool 2” the record has been broken, thanks to a rather unorthodox decision of producer and lead actor Ryan Reynolds. He produced in december 2018, with a child-friendly version (the so-called “PG-13″version, ed.) of the film. For the release of the PG-13 version, the total revenue worldwide 738 million dollars. The child-friendly version garnered especially in China success with a revenue of more than $ 45 million.

The tax rules of the film industry, which show that the revenue for “Once Upon a Deadpool”, the child-friendly version, with the proceeds of “Deadpool 2” should be added. So could the sequel with ease, the record of the first Deadpool-movie break.

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