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Cycling federation apologizes for behavior of Belgian fans at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS cyclo-cross: “No one here is the benefit”

The Royal Belgian Wielrijdersbond (KBWB) apologized Monday in a press release for the misconduct of a few Belgian supporters at the recent world cup cyclo-cross in the Danish Bogense.

In the men’s elite crowned Mathieu van der Poel for the second time world champion. Some Belgian fans can the dominance of the Dutchman this season, however, not appreciate. Adrie Van der Poel stated that they with beer, threw to his son. On Instagram showed Mathieu van der Poel is a photo of a spectator, who gave him the middle finger showed.

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“Belgian Cycling contributes to the internationalisation of cyclo-cross with a warm heart. It is a pity that it had to be determined that a number of spectators, very happily, an absolute minority – there apparently difficult. No man, no, the Belgian delegation does not, the benefit with foul and offensive behaviour”, responds the KBWB.

“That our riders Sunday afternoon after a successful sports battle of the thumbs had to travel for Mathieu van der Poel, belongs to the laws of the sport. For Belgian Cycling deserves the Dutchman the world title. We would like to congratulate Mathieu van der Poel sincerely, not only for the manner of his second world title won, but also for all the wonderful things that he has in the past months in cyclo-cross.”

“As a Belgian Cycling, and the riders that the federation afvaardigt to a world cup have no trouble to recognize that Mathieu van der Poel for the next twelve months, the rainbow jersey will wear, than to require the laws of sporting logic, fair play and politeness that even the spectators and supporters are connecting. The vast majority of Belgian fans who went to Denmark had slipped, made of the world championships in Bogense is a traditional festival. It may not happen that individuals who unique atmosphere for a piece of ruin and Belgian Cycling want this to apologize”, so connect the KBWB to the press release.

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