Corruptiebestrijder claims victory in the presidential elections in El Salvador

The former mayor of San Salvador, Nayib Bukele (37), has Sunday the victory claimed the presidential election in El Salvador. He positioned himself during the election campaign as corruptiebestrijder.

“We can confidently announce that we have the presidency have won in the first survey, was Bukele by his party, GANA quoted on Twitter.

According to the preliminary results that the kiesautoriteiten on Twitter put holds GANA, with a majority of the votes are counted, an absolute majority of 53,83%. That would mean that he is a second round on march 10, can be avoided.

If Bukele succeeds the youngest president of El Salvador will ever be, he will have to govern without a majority in parliament. His party has only 11 of the 84 seats.


Bukele profiled itself as an alternative to the current, corrupt system. Over the past three decades divided the two traditional parties – the conservative and nationalist ARENA, and the socialist former guerrilla movement FMLN – the power.

Bukele was a member of the FMLN, with Salvador Sánchez Cerén, the last president was to he in 2017 was turned off. He wanted his own party establishment, but because that is not at the time recognized could be for the elections, he performed for the conservative GANA, that, in 2010, afsplinterde of ARENA.

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