Brazilian company pays 23.600 euros per victim dambreuk

0524e2ee20fcc2c5010cc8aeefbb826e - Brazilian company pays 23.600 euros per victim dambreuk

Eleven days after the dambreuk in Brumadinho, in the southeast of Brazil, the death toll has risen to 134. Possible rises that yet: there are still 199 people missing. The owner of the mine that are the basis of the disaster was started with ‘voluntary’ payments to the relatives of the victims.

The quest was Sunday and Monday morning stopped due to the bad weather, but Monday afternoon, was resumed. A spokesman for the fire brigade stated though that it is possible that some of the bodies no longer will be found.

The dam of the ijzerertsmijn in Brumadinho, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, went on 25 January. There was a huge mudslide that houses, people and animals annihilated and buried. In total an area of about 290 hectares, about as big as 400 football fields, covered with almost 12 million cubic meters of sludge.

23.600 euro

The owner of the mine, the family of the victims have money. The company is willing to per dead or missing to 100,000 Reais (23.600 euros) to pay. It goes according to a spokesman for a voluntary gesture and not compensation.

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